Thursday, June 12, 2014

'Regime Change in Iraq': It worked beatifully the first time! Let's do it AGAIN!

 'ISIS controlled in red. (AsSafir)'
Cordesman in CNN:"... Yes, the United States might have to help in spite of his total unfitness to rule and Iraq's desperate need to expel him and his cronies from the country, but U.S. aid must be conditional and tied to the fact that al-Maliki is an authoritarian thug. The United States should also quietly do everything possible to push him out of power and into exile..."

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Anonymous said...

this map proves that the Iraq War was a HUGE SUCCESS for the Elite. Their primary goal was the chop up of Iraq into 3 and this map is the start of the process after century's wait. for ZIon, it is and was a victory of millennium