Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Chas Freeman on Israeli Espionage against the United States

Chas Freeman on Israeli Espionage against the United States:

"... The real question raised by this story is why some members of the intelligence community have now broken their silence. I suspect that their willingness to speak out reflects resentment on their part of recent, renewed agitation for the exoneration and release from prison of [convicted Israeli spy] Jonathan Pollard on the grounds that spying for Israel is nothing to which US citizens should properly object, coupled with demands for visa-free entry for Israelis even though they meet none of the usual criteria for such treatment.  These demands for privileged treatment are reminders of Israel's virtually unchallenged manipulation of the Congress, which is deeply offensive—not to say humiliating—to US patriots.  The intelligence community is, almost by definition, very nationalistic.  It does not take easily to high-handed behavior and demands for privilege by foreign states, including Israel, especially when these are joined to hypocritical indifference to the demands of comity and the interests of the United States...."

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