Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another report (ICG) on how precarious the state of Hezbollah is

International Crisis Group : Lebanon’s Hizbollah Turns Eastward to Syria

And this part could not be more wrong & ominous:

"... Though there have been several surg-
es of sectarian tension in past years, these started only after Hizbollah intervened in
Syria and announced it was fighting takfiris. Since April 2014, the attacks have sub-
sided, following an agreement within the Lebanese political class that enabled the
country’s military and security forces to arrest dozens of alleged extremists and deploy
in tense areas like Tripoli and Arsal. However, these security measures do not end
the threat. As a Tripoli sheikh put it, “many Islamists went underground waiting for
a change of circumstance – the collapse of the political agreement, or an important
military achievement by rebels in Syria”

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