Friday, April 11, 2014

"It was Hezbollah’s decision and Iran didn’t dictate it"

 (Khamenei, in a very rare photo standing side by side as equal, 
with a visiting dignitary)
"... According to Mohammad Marandi, head of Tehran University’s world studies faculty, “Hezbollah involvement comes very much later than the conflict itself. Hezbollah only became involved gradually and well after a large number of extremists came to the country via a very large network of countries from the West and the Persian Gulf,” Marandi explained.“The notion that Hezbollah was a new chapter and started the foreign involvement isn’t true. Fatwas threatening minorities not only in Syria but in neighboring countries left Hezbollah with no choice but to respond, and this is legal with respect to international law, and they came upon invitation by the Syrian government. It was Hezbollah’s decision and Iran didn’t dictate it. I say with confidence [Hezbollah leader] Sayyed Hassan [Nasrallah] has a lot of influence in Tehran. Hezbollah makes its own decisions; Iran supports Hezbollah because they are allies, but the Iranians have nothing to do with the decision.”

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Anonymous said...

London Media has to watch & Mrs. Syria isn't Christian? They're right where Mr. Syria wants them.  Mrs. Syria told London she's the dictator. A family dispute? They weren't formed for this purpose. Peace.