Friday, March 28, 2014

Turkish nomenklatura up in arms. Reason? the 'Inside job' & not the 'planned false flag attack on Syria'

Davutogly ALMOST implying that Gulenist 'pawn' as he calls them facilitated the espionage for Syrian intelligence? The Israelis? The Russians?:
"... “It is a room where a jammer is used,” Davutoğlu said, referring to a device system used as a measure against being tapped. 
“Whichever hands that used these pawns; there is no difference between launching an attack via violating the border or tapping confidential meetings of the state. This is an open attack. Any other violation committed in a different way may remain local, such as violation [of the border] by a plane. However, if such a cyber-attack is launched at a meeting where military and security options were discussed, then it is no different than a military attack.”
Upon such an interpretation, Davutoğlu was asked whether the response would be “militaristic.”
“I’m just saying in regards to the content. Otherwise, Turkey is a state governed by the rule of law and [the response] would be given within these rules. First, the pawns; and then whoever is behind these pawns, them,” Davutoğlu said.
... as for Gul, I am too sure what he is saying, but he is also upset at the 'inside job':
"... “We have instructed the state institutions to be careful with regards to provocations to draw Turkey into the war in Syria and [take measures] on attacks that may target the Turkish flag in our land outside our borders [referring to the Süleyman Shah tomb]. Following, listening to, and watching a meeting headed by the foreign minister in his office with the top officials of the security bureau where they discuss such measures is a huge audacity,” Gül said..."

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