Friday, January 3, 2014

"After Petraeus Paid Them For Peace, Are Sunnis of Anbar Now Paid by Bandar For Killing?"

"... Although there likely are many factors that contributed to the eventual outbreak of violence in Iraq that elevated civilian death rates, one possibility that intrigues me is that the timing fits reasonably well to be a part of Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan’s play for regional dominance. ....  back in July, Bandar was feeling confident that Assad would be overthrown and that those who established a new government would be firmly under Saudi control. That would suggest that Bandar felt he already had the proper forces in place and under his control.As we know, things didn’t quite go the way Bandar expected in Syria, as the US backed off an attack at the last minute and chose a diplomatic approach with Syria..."

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Anonymous said...

This Saudi may face problems in the near future? It was said, that recently he offered Putin a deal:

Leave Syria and I garantee you peacefull Olympics at Sotchi because WE controll the terrorists there. Putin didn'd agree.

Now, after two suicidal terror attacks in Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad!) Putin may remember Bandar-Bushes offer?

Let's see, what happens next...