Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From Syria's 'aspiring Paul Bremmer' (aka. Fred Hof)

Hof forgets that he mostly resembles a disposable wipe than an aspiring 'regent'!
"... Ryan Crocker is no friend of the Assad regime. He is an unsentimental foreign policy realist. He seems to have come to the conclusion that the regime has prevailed over the United States and the West, and it is now time to sue for terms. Gone, if not entirely forgotten, is the talk about Assad stepping aside and red lines not to be crossed. Replacing it is a hoped-for Geneva conference at which an otherwise victorious regime is being asked to memorize a script mandating its exit...If therefore, the United States were to open direct communication with the regime, the one thing it might usefully say that could save lives and perhaps even set the stage for a civil exchange at Geneva would be something like the following: "WE WANT the massed fire terror attacks and starvation sieges on populated areas to cease forthwith. WE WANT the United Nations to be granted absolutely unrestricted access for its humanitarian relief operations everywhere in Syria. WE DEMAND that these two steps be implemented right now. If they are not, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT, at a time of our choosing, TO DESTROY those military systems..." (that's HOW Hof talks to a regime that has prevailed against the most incredible odds!)

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