Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Syria's opposition quest for relevance!

Al Jazeera English
"...Syria's internationally recognised opposition group has approved nine "ministers" for an interim government charged with running Syrian territory that is in rebel hands.The move by the National Coalition late on Monday followed its announcement earlier in the day that it planned to attend proposed peace talks with the Syrian government, if certain conditions were met.
It also stipulated that President "Bashar al-Assad and those with the blood of Syrians on their hands have no role in the transitional phase and Syria's future".
In a statement issued after two days of meetings in the Turkish city of Istanbul, the National Coalition said it would take part in the Geneva peace talks only if humanitarian aid is allowed to reach besieged areas and the government releases political prisoners.
"Whether or not to go to Geneva is the decision of the Syrian people," Louay Safi, a member and spokesman of the National Council, said in a statement on Sunday.
"The Coalition is nothing (Sentence should end here!) but a mechanism to apply their will."
(Big Words for 'nothing')


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traitors who act on behalf of imperial powers will get nowhere near the seat of power in syria. these people are not in a position militarily or morally to demand anything.