Saturday, November 23, 2013

'Army-of-Islam's' Zahran Alloush: "I have operationally met with Sheikh Usama Bin Laden, Prince Bandar & US Ambassador Robert Ford"

Zahran Alloush (Leader of the Islam Army - Islam Brigade) and as per The Guardian:
 "... Alloush recently held talks with Bandar along with Saudi businessmen who are financing individual rebel brigades under the JAI's banner. Other discreet coordinating meetings in Turkey have involved the Qatari foreign minister, Khaled al-Attiyeh, AND the US envoy to Syria, Robert Ford..."
Zahran Alloush as per the video above: 
"I was honored to have met Usama Bin Laden, may he RIP, and the Islam Brigade & Al Nusra are one & only ..."

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