Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Panic: "The GCC must cease following western diktats, support Iranian sedition, & should send the US packing!"

'Send all of them packing!'
"... I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again. GCC leaders must wake up to the looming danger. The countdown has started; the US/Iranian plan is about to be implemented. A serious plan of action is urgently required. Firstly, together, GCC states are strong enough to stand alone, both economically and militarily, and should not permit foreign powers to make decisions for them. (lool)Secondly, the GCC should diversify its weapons with purchases from different countries, rather than be vulnerable to the whims of one that is rapidly losing trust  (loool).Thirdly, Gulf states should take a leaf out of Iran’s strategic book by offering material support to the Iranian opposition, not just the Ahwazi Arabs, but also Iranians seeking freedom from oppression. (loooooool)Fourthly, the GCC must cease following western diktats. (looooooooooool)Lastly, GCC rulers should encourage their peoples to have a say in decisions that affect their future and feel they are being respected as patriots loyal to the country they love. When governments and citizens are one hand, no foreign plot can succeed in driving a wedge between them.In the meantime, accusations of US plots should be thoroughly investigated and guarded against. As an old Scottish saying goes, ‘False friends are worse than bitter enemies’."

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