Thursday, September 26, 2013

NATO head: 'Strengthening Assad & weakening 'extremists and terrorists'

McClatchy, Rassmussen is not too happy with this outcome! 
"...But he added that a United Nations inspection program to find, secure, and move or destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile could help solidify President Bashar Assad’s grip on power because such a program would require his assistance and probably take many months to complete....
He said he’d spoken this week to President Barack Obama and credited him with forcing Assad’s hand by threatening military force. He broke, however, with the Obama administration’s recent claim that moderate rebels were gaining ground in Syria, saying Islamic militants were a growing problem among Syrian rebels trying to dislodge Assad.
“To be very open and frank, it is a fact that the opposition counts extremists and terrorist groups, and I don’t shy away from using the phrase ‘terrorist groups,’ ” Rasmussen said. “Of course, it is weakening the opposition.” ..."

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