Tuesday, August 27, 2013

STATE Department: "We condemn it but we cannot call it a 'terrorist act'

'Note: Saudia is the only territory that did NOT condemn the bombing in Rwais
 (30 dead & hundreds wounded)'
Daily Press Briefing
"QUESTION: -- the U.S. Ambassador in Beirut condemned everything, but she stopped short of calling the – calling this a terrorist attack. Are there rules to call attacks terrorist or not?MS. PSAKI: Well, we do note a group calling itself Aisha, the Mother of Believers Brigades for Foreign – let’s see – Missions has claimed responsibility for the attack. We have condemned it in the strongest terms. As you’re right, I don’t have any more for you on it. We’re obviously still looking into the details of what took place.
QUESTION: But you’re not calling it terrorist?
MS. PSAKI: I am not at this point..."

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