Tuesday, July 23, 2013

White House & Pentagon: 'Assad may not be forced out of power'

WASHINGTON — "The Pentagon has provided Congress with its first detailed list of military options to stem the bloody civil war in Syria, suggesting that a campaign to tilt the balance from President Bashar al-Assad to the opposition would be a vast undertaking, costing billions of dollars, and could backfire on the United States.
The list of options — laid out in a letter from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, to the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee,Carl Levin of Michigan — was the first time the military has explicitly described what it sees as the formidable challenge of intervening in the war.
It came as the White House, which has limited its military involvement to supplying the rebels with small arms and other weaponry, has begun implicitly acknowledging that Mr. Assad may not be forced out of power anytime soon..."


Anonymous said...

The first sentence misleads. There is no 'civil' war in Syria. French ex-Foreign Minister Dumas recently stated that Brit intel had informed the Frensh FOUR years ago that they were starting 'the action' to topple Dr Assad. Qatar has so far paid in 3B$ to fund the 90%+ foreign mercenaries, as they plan/planned a pipeline through a post-Assad Syria to take gas to Europe. Nato says that 70% support Dr Assad, 20% don't care, and 10% oppose.

Anonymous said...

The only way Mr. Assad will be forced out is if the majority of Syrian People want him out.

goedeck said...