Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aleppo's kidnapped bishops: "Both killed & Turkisk authorities have killers in custody!'"

 The fate of Aleppo's two bishops: From Ali, chief Angry Arab correspondent in Turkey:
"...According to the news, the two bishops were killed and Turkish security forces arrested the three murderers in Turkish province of Konya.
It is said that the murderers have different nationalities. One of them is from Russia, the other one is from Chechenya while the third one is bearing the Syrian nationality. According to the same reports, Turkish authorities extradited three killers to their countries.
On the same day pro-opposition Syrian observatory claimed that the fates of bishops are still unclear.
Some Turkish sources claimed in May that the two bishops were kidnapped by a group close to Turkey, who are also responsible of kidnapping 11 Lebanese pilgirms. Some sources in Syriac community in Turkey told daily Sol that before the kidnapping of Yohanna İbrahim, Turkish Foreign Minister tried to convince them to move their center from Damascus to Turkey. And he was kidnapped just a week later they returned the offer of Davutoğlu. They claimed that there should be a relation between Davutoğlu's offer and the kidnapping. Turkish goverment has been trying to convince Syriacs, offer them citizenship and houses to defect from Syria to show that "even Christians flee from the dictatorship."  ."

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