Saturday, June 15, 2013

"That is not going to happen!"

'Unilateral move' means coming close to a confrontation with Moscow. Surely Obama does not enviseage this!?!?!
"... Consulting allies and "Congress ... in the coming weeks" and "any future action we take will be consistent with US national interests" suggests a drawn-out period resulting in not very much.  By that time, the recent government gains in Syria may have been solidified.Secondly - the 'no fly zone'.As the Americans say: "Do the math". Take one no fly zone. Then divide it by the prospect that it involves bombing air defences with Russian "advisers" next to them. Now subtract a Russian and Chinese UN veto on authorising it, and it equals to no no fly zone.The French have already come out and said a no fly zone can only happen with UN sanction.As that is not going to happen, it only leaves a unilateral move from a multi-lateral-minded president. He could go it alone with a partial no fly zone "lite" accompanied only by a "coalition of the willing" to use a phrase from the Bush era, and therein would lie another tale, and quite possibly another Middle East war. This is pre-G8 positioning. The words coming after there is a failure to agree at the G8 will be more significant."

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