Friday, June 28, 2013

"Sunnis across the country were up in arms. Shia across the country were up in arms"

"...he accused Hezbollah and Amal, another Shia-dominated party, of selling a toy machine-gun in Dahyeh, Beirut's southern suburbs, which called for the attacking of the prophet's wife, Aysha.
He said he would "haunt the nights" of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Amal leader Nabih Berri, and that of their families, unless the offending toys were removed....
Investigations into the alleged toys revealed the such toys did NOT actually exist, and the gun he was referring to actually says, in English, "pull over and save the hostages".

'Fundraising for sectarian agitation: Saudia, Qatar and minions!' 

But the results of the investigations went unnoticed by many across the country, already riled by Assir's statements, and also by most of the media, who were waiting for the next Assir moment.....
The evolution of Assir's rhetoric came to a head during Sidon's battles, when he made a video appeal calling for reinforcement, saying they were being "attacked by the Lebanese army which is sectarian and Iranian". He also called on "Sunnis and non-Sunnis to leave the army immediately".

There is much speculation about the source of Assir's funding. In his interview with Al Jazeera he was adamant that all his benefactors were local.
 "Unlike others, I don't receive money or funds from abroad," he said, adding that he owned local businesses which also contributed to his funding.
 Yet three separate sources have told Al Jazeera that Assir received monies from some of the Gulf states, which he has visited repeatedly in the past 12 months....."

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