Friday, May 31, 2013

Washington Post: "Bashar Assad Won!"

"... So, after all the baloney about "no boots on the ground," "no direct US intervention," we have an honest admission by the neocons and Wilsonians at the Post that what they want is for Obama to order the air forces of the United States into action to destroy the present Syrian government.They now recognize that he is not going to do that, and so they also acknowledge that diplomacy that consists of unlimited travel by the vain is pointless and humiliating. PL"
Via SST this whapping acknowledgment by the WaPo editorial board: "We Was skunked!"
[WaPo] "...Not for the first time, President Obama and his aides appear to have bet that Mr. Putin would turn on Mr. Assad and help force him from power. In doing so, they have fundamentally misread the Russian ruler and his intentions.
As we have written previously, the only hope for an acceptable political settlement in Syria lies in an intervention that would decisively shift the balance of Syria’s war — through arms supplies to the rebels and airstrikes to eliminate the regime’s air power. If Mr. Obama is unwilling to take such steps, he ought also to eschew diplomacy that makes his administration appear foolish as well as weak. ..."

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