Friday, March 22, 2013

... and now: "The Free Syria Act 2013'"

'It is the sense of Congress that
6 (1) the President should provide appropriate
7 military assistance, including arms, training, and in-
8 telligence support
, for Syrian opposition forces that
9 meet the requirements of section 203;
10 (2) a primary goal of military assistance should
11 be to integrate the disparate units of the Free Syria
12 Army into a coherent, effective fighting force under
13 a unified command; and
14 (3) the United States should take the initiative
15 to ensure, insofar as possible, that arms supplied to
16 the Syrian opposition, from whatever source, are ap-
17 propriately vetted and are directed only to forces
18 that support the establishment of a democratic and
19 peaceful Syria...'

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