Friday, March 22, 2013

'Analyst/Expert/Knows-squat' about Syria/Iraq/Mideast: 'Sorry I thought Saddam hid his WMDs in Russia ... I meant Syria!'

"...Well, I think there is a high probability of that,” McInerney declared. “That’s conjecture, but we do know prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, there was a lot of vehicles crossing the border into Syria. And there was a great deal of conjecture. A Iraqi major general swore by it. He said he delivered it.”“And so I think that it would be a very high probability if we could get into those bunkers that they would have Iraqi signatures on them.”
In 2006, McInerney told Newsmax that there was “clear evidence” that Iraq had WMDs before the war and that the Bush administration “ignored Russia’s involvement” in helping to hide the weapons. ..."

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