Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Sure, very sure, very very sure about that!"

"... RT: And what about Al Nusra group from Iraq? Are these people fighting for freedom and democracy as well? 
GS: They are fighting for freedom and democracy, but maybe we will face some problem with them. Anyway, they are a small part of the revolution in Syria. 
RT: But these people are recognized even by the French President as extremists and terrorists…
GS: All over the world you can find extremists, but they are not the real picture, only a small part of it (McClatchy's & others beg to disagree!) ...
"... Syrian activists say the councils have become the subject of derision and mockery inside Syria in the weeks since and that other groups, including the al Qaida-linked Nusra Front, have assumed the central coordinating position... Those battalions, which include Nusra and another Islamist brigade, Ahrar al Sham, have been at the forefront of the fighting across Syria... Nusra is believed to have as many as 5,000 men under arms, and Sham is thought possibly to be larger, making the Islamist-led groups the largest fighting organizations of the multi-faceted Syrian opposition...." 
 RT: So you are absolutely sure that you’ll be able to control them, these peopleGS: Sure, very sure, very sure about that.
Though Sabra claims that extremists make up only a small number of the rebels and are easy to contain, historian Gerald Horne does not agree, and argued that a similar scenario played out in Libya.
“We are reassured by [the SNC vice president] that if dissidents come to power they’ll be able to handle the Al Nusra front, but the Libyan dissidents said the same thing when they worked with NATO in 2011 about toppling Colonel Gaddafi," Horne said..."

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