Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Mohamed Morsi's reaction was not different from Hosni Mubarak's"

 'My money & your quiet 
to neuter Hamas once and for all!'
[DB] "... Aly said the response so far from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was not much different from what he would have expected from Hosni Mubarak, the ousted autocrat who ruled Egypt for three decades.Mubarak maintained regular contact and security coordination with Israel, .....But he also frequently criticized Israeli governments for their treatment of the Palestinians, twice recalling Egyptian ambassadors from Tel Aviv.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which has close ties to Hamas, called yesterday for a severing of relations with Israel in response to the offensive. But Morsi, who had been among the leaders of the movement until he was elected Egypt’s president earlier this year, said only that the Israeli attacks must cease.
"The Israelis must understand that we do not accept this aggression, which could lead to instability in the region," he said in televised remarks.
Jordan, the only other country in the region that has a peace treaty with Israel, also condemned the Gaza assault, with a spokesman warning that it would “drag the region into the cycle of violence and instability again.”
(Based on that) Israel has not ruled out a ground operation in Gaza ...............
But the Jordanian government has been mostly focused in the past week on the turmoil in its own country, .........
 Turkey’s own circumstances had changed since Cast Lead, chiefly its war against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has heated up since the summer and caused civilian casualties..........
“While I expected Turkey to issue a condemnation of Israeli actions, it is not surprising that it did not have the full force as it has in the past given the uncomfortable parallels that exist between Israel's actions against Hamas and Turkey's actions against the PKK,” wrote Michael Koplow on the The Atlantic yesterday...."

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