Tuesday, October 23, 2012

US to door-mat president of Lebanon: 'It's not our business, but nonetheless, here''s what you should do!'

Opportunities arise! We helped wean Syria out of Lebanon with Rafiq Hariri's assassination, the US hopes to wean Hezbollah out of government with a new assassination. 
[AP] "...The new comments signaled that the United States believes government change may now be realistic, given anger over the bombing. Nuland said the United States would not "prejudge" the outcome of the attempt to forge a new ruling coalition but stressed that Washington was very concerned by increasing political instability in Lebanon since the bombing and wanted to see the Lebanese take steps to calm the situation. "This is obviously a Lebanese affair," she said. "And while we don't want a vacuum of a legitimate political authority, we do support this process that is now under way to produce a new government that's responsive to the needs of the Lebanese people..."

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