Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Identify a Lebanese Shiite: "He is a 'skillful, M16-brandishing, Shia'-Bearded' dude!'

'American Militiaman or skilled Hezbollah fighter?'
Via AngryArab, here;
"... In Sunni neighbourhoods, gunmen set up roadblocks of burning tyres, stopping passers-by and asking whether they were Sunni or Shi'ite - a chilling throwback to the civil war. A Reuters cameraman was asked about his religion. Despite confirming he was Sunni he was prevented from filming because he was told he had a "Shi'ite beard"...."
... and here,
"... Amr Al Ali was fighting in the village of Zahraa, on the outskirts of Jousiya. "Initially we had the upper hand," he said. "But recently Hezbollah have come in with thousands of soldiers because the Syrian army couldn't fight us alone."

The young fighter claims he recognised his enemies as Hezbollah by their combat skills and American-made M16 assault rifles. But Sheikh Ali says the situation is far from clear cut. ..." 

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