Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early April's fool by the Telegraph: "Hezbollah 'seriously' debates dropping Assad!"

"...The Sunday Telegraph has been told of secret arguments raging inside Hizbollah’s ranks about whether the time has come to stop backing Mr Assad....
Now, insiders say, Hizbollah is engaged in a fierce debate behind closed doors over whether to follow suit.
“There are different points of view, with some saying that we should push for a settlement within Syria and not bank on Assad staying,” said one Lebanese with connections to senior Hizbollah circles.
Some Hizbollah members, including clerics, fear that their support for Mr Assad is dragging them into a dangerous fight with Sunni Arabs - the other side of Islam’s main sectarian divide - in Syria and Lebanon, he said.
They say it is now urgent to end their support for Mr Assad, so that a new relationship can be formed with whoever comes to power in Syria next. ..."


Anonymous said...

shows how scared they are of the resistance axis

Anonymous said...

Despicable. Main reason Assad under attack to begin with is his support for Hezbollah. Maybe ASSAD should drop THEM. HA judgement has proven to be very stupid over the years. Once Assad is out of the way?
West is finally free to stomp Hezbollah, and this time they wont stop until the Leb Shia's are plowed into the ground.

Anonymous said...

@ second comment hezbollah will never drop assad just more lies. The zionist, west and KSA are eager for the resistance axis of hezbollah, syria and iran to be broken up