Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Syrian 'rebel' commander: "it is clear that the Syrian army will win the battle, but we do not tell the rebels... we do not want to destroy morale"

AsSafir: "Chechen Abu Omar leads a group of foreign fighters in Aleppo, know as the "Migrant brethren"....
Abu Omar gives an order  in Arabic, immediately translated to a range of different languages, Chechen, Tajik, Turkish, French, Saudi dialect, and Urdu.
Fighters sitting outside the house under the shade of trees, brandishing their guns discuss matters of war, a Saudi wonders «What do you say in foreign media to the outside world about us? Do they know about the fighting in Aleppo? Do they know we're here? ».
Hundreds of foreign fighters converged to Syria in order to participate in the war against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, including those who sympathize  with the revolution or hate Assad, and the old jihadists from Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan......
On this night, the Abu Omar gave the leaders of the FSA an ultimatum; ' if you do not mobilized a large number of men to support my rear lines, my 'migrants' fighters will walk out and leave'. That evening, reinforcements did not arrive. He left to Chechnya under the cloak of night.
"Let them go", commented angrily an FSA Syrian commander the next day, "'I did not slap them on their hands and did not ask them to come to fight and take responsibility for this front line."... 
Although some foreign fighters are novices, but the Abou Salam al Falluji has is a seasoned fighter. He is an Iraq veteran wearing a black keffiyeh and argues that rebel commanders  "do not have the leadership and experience", explaining that "brave men are attacking, but men in the rear lines withdraw to leave them exposed,...  it's a mess"...  But he seems indifferent to the future of the conflict, "it is clear that the Syrian army will win the battle, but we do not tell the rebels... we do not want to destroy morale. We say that we should hold out here and God has given us the ability to do so, and perhaps God made these foreign powers come to help the Syrians." .... The irony was not lost on Abou Salam, that the United States and the jihadists, enemies of the, have found themselves once again fighting in the same trench...."

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