Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Mohamed Morsi and Hassan El-Banna: Two peas in a pod'

"... Morsi easily leads Egypt without strong opposition. He Islamises the country and has been successful in implementing an organised plan to change Egypt into the leading Islamic country in the region. Morsi might be successful in achieving his goal in the absence of a strong domestic opposition and real pressure from regional and international actors, especially the US.If the Islamic state according to the Brotherhood's vision is democratic, I will be the first one to support it as I have long backed the group's right to form a political party and play a role in Egyptian politics. However, Morsi and the Brotherhood remind me of the former regime.
The Brotherhood's Islamisation train should be stopped for the sake of Egypt and Egyptians. There is an imbalance of power between Morsi and the Brotherhood and other political forces. This should be corrected in order to avoid an Islamist state that might be harmful and undemocratic...."

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