Friday, September 28, 2012

Die Welt: "The last throes of the Syrian opposition"

(Die Welt) "... "There can be no solution with weapons and the death of innocents."Certainly a propaganda show of the regime, but the "returnees" are a product of the National Coordination Office for Reconciliation, which has been working since early this year. An initiative of over 2000 representatives of the Syrian civil society."We offer a way back into society," says Sheikh al-Habib Fendi, the spokesman of the Coordination Office. "So far we have more than 100 rebels returned," says the sheikh. A success that may have to do with the military situation.The rebels were defeated in their stronghold in Damascus and Homs,  (in) Aleppo, they are more and more on the retreat. The brilliant victory of the revolution has moved a long way off at the moment."

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