Friday, August 31, 2012

IAEA: The "imminent danger" of a "nuclear Iran" has thereby decreased

'b' at MoonOfAlabama covers & dissects this stuff like no other.
"... Iran has now 10% less "dangerous stuff" in the form of further easily enrichable 20% UF6 than it had in May 2012. Further enriched this stockpile would not be enough to create even one nuclear device. The "imminent danger" of a "nuclear Iran" has thereby decreased.We can reasonably assume that Iran is doing this decrease on purpose and will in future convert any newly produced UF6 into fuel plates. This will keep its stock of UF6 at a level below what is needed to make a quick run towards a nuclear device.
But as the whole "nuclear Iran" scare has little to do with reality but a lot with U.S. and Israeli desire to subjugate Iran and thereby further their global and regional domination..."

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