Monday, July 30, 2012

Lang: 'Syria's 'rebels' have miscalculated: "They will pay heavily for this error!"

 'Syrian troops after regaining Damascus'
"... IMO, the rebels have miscalculated.  Their force has not "evolved" enough to confront significant conventional forces in an urban environment or anywhere else that the conventional forces can "pin" them in place against terrain or some other obstacle.
They will pay heavily for this error.  They will lose a lot of men, and be driven from the city.   Following that defeat IMO the Syrian millitary will move further north and northwest to regain control og the "sanctuaries" on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey.  They will succeed in doing this unless Turkey intervenes directly in the fighting.
This would not mean the end of the war.  Following such a defeat the rebels are likely to spend an extended period re-building their force in Turkey...."

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