Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Israeli bucks to dethrone Obama

"... “It would be difficult for Republicans to get 35 percent of the Jewish vote, but it’s not impossible,” said Mik Moore, the treasurer of the Jewish Council for Education and Research, the super PAC that produced and financed the Web video in which comedienne Sarah Silverman offers to allow billionaire casino-executive Sheldon Adelson an evening of lesbian-style sex known as “scissoring” if he pulls his support for Romney.
Adelson has promised to spend $100 million of his own fortune to defeat Obama. He will be with Romney in Israel and will help host a fundraiser for the candidate while he’s there...."

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Anonymous said...

No matter how much money is spent, Romney does not stop making gaffes. The latest, in Israel, reported by the New Yorker, shows what an incompetent and ignorant fool he is. Obama should feel lucky to have him as an opponet because every time he opens his mouth an enormous stupidity gets out, less funny than Bush's gems! Biden should feel like an intellectual. What a sorry state of affairs for the US to have such 'elites'!!!!! looooooool