Monday, May 28, 2012

Jeffrey Feltman's appointment "would strip from the UN its last scrap of credibility in the Middle East,"

'b', from MoonOfAlabama unearthed this gem (posted a link in a comment section) about Jeffrey Feltman.
"...Now, a well placed diplomat complained to Inner City Press Wednesday about Feltman. "This would strip from the UN its last scrap of credibility in the Middle East," he said, adding that "more shoes would be thrown at Ban Ki-moon."
He said, however, that Ban might be "so out of touch" -- or so powerless or craven -- that he would rubber stamp the nomination of a Permanent Five member of the Security Council as he had France's ill-fated and 11th hour nomination of Herve Ladsous as the UN's top peacekeeper. Watch this site.

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Anonymous said...

Part 2 of Inner City side of story:
I feel this UNCA Executive Committee has swerved from the path. Ideally, I'd like to see UNCA defending the right of journalists to get answers to their questions. We've all been frustrated by the increasing difficulty in getting straight answers out of senior UN officials and by the obstacles thrown up during the UN's $2 billion renovation. This is where I'd like to see the UNCA Executive Committee fighting for all of us instead of fixating of the size of their own future offices.
But back in the real world, yesterday when DPKO's Herve Ladsous openly refused to answer my questions, there was no support expressed for the right to answers, certainly not from these five or Giampaolo.