Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saad Hariri calls Eyad Allawi: 'With the Americans leaving, what will become of us?'

(Satire, of course!) ... "I mean, is this what we compromised & submitted to? You preparing yourself for another exile' and me getting drunk on Twitter? What is happening to the Americans? they keep sending us this Feltman while they reach out to Bashar. And what is it with this new position vis a vis the brave Colonel Ass'ad? Yesterday we all agreed that he commanded the loyalty & respect of tens of thousands; Now suddenly he barely has 1000 deserters? They even say that all the spectacular attacks he mounted on Bashar's forces are not confirmable? What is going on? No, and the best our two best hope for toppling Bashar are threatening each other now? Sarko wants the Armenian votes so he is allowing the 'Genocide' legislation pass & the Turks are threatening him? I know ...I know all about Turkish threats, but still Eyad, still. No and the best part is the 'fearless' (hah) Qatari! Now that he is sensing the end to his Coppertone show, he wants to dump it on the UNSC? to Vladimir & Hu? We're f---ed Eyad! Big time!' 
"... The Iraqiya bloc, led by ex-premier Iyad Allawi, walked out of parliament in protest at what it charged was Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's monopolising of decision-making.

The boycott comes just a day after US forces handed over control of their last remaining base, with virtually all remaining American troops due out of the country in the coming days....  The bloc, which controls nine ministerial posts, has not, however, pulled out of Iraq's national unity government.
"We can no longer remain silent ..."The bloc accused Maliki's government of "placing tanks and armoured cars in front of the homes of Iraqiya leaders in the Green Zone," the heavily-fortified home to leading politicians and ministers ..."

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