Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nounou of Bahrain: "“We don’t have that evidence, but it’s there!”

Euh okayyy! 
"... “The Iranians were propagandists,” Mr. Bassiouni said. “You can’t expect them not to want to take advantage of a situation like that. … But to say they were funding, they were agitating? We found no evidence of that. Now whether the government has [that evidence] and is not showing it to us, I can’t tell.”
In an interview Wednesday, Bahraini Ambassador to the United States Houda Nonoo defended the government’s claims of Iranian involvement. She pointed to Iranian state media provocations and official statements calling Bahrain Iran’s 14th province.
But asked for evidence of direct material support, she hedged. “We don’t have that evidence, but it’s there,” Ms. Nonoo said. “It’s not evidence you can touch or see physically, but we know it’s there.” (been watching too much Poltergeist-type movies Nounou?)

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Peter said...

Ms. Nonoo expects us all to believe her because she crosses her heart and spits. :D