Friday, November 25, 2011

'Israeli Source': "IDF military intelligence (Aman) out foxed Hezbollah by deliberately crash-landing a booby-trapped Trojan Horse drone"

Of course this comes from an 'Israeli source' who talked to his sources in AMAN. One has to remember that such explosions did & do happen in arms cahes from Nevada through the suburbs of Lyon to South Lebanon ... Stories after the fact are like comfort foods!
"... Now comes an exclusive report from an authoritative Israeli source with considerable military experience, that IDF military intelligence (Aman) has out foxed Hezbollah by deliberately crash-landing a booby-trapped Trojan Horse drone in southern Lebanon.... ... 

And now I can tell them what happened.  For over a year, Hezbollah has been attempting to discover how to jam the ground signals commanding the drone so as to disable them in flight.  When it discovered the downed craft, its operatives must’ve crowed that they’d finally discovered the key to success.  This bit of hubris is how Aman drew Hezbollah into its net.  Its soldiers dutifully collected the imagined intelligence trophy and brought it to a large weapons depot it controlled in the area.  Once inside the arms cache, Aman detonated the drone causing a massive explosion... ... Given the size of the explosion, we should expect that a good deal of its weapons cache in the south has been destroyed.
Hezbollah is known for being highly professional and quite crafty in its intelligence capabilities having penetrated the IDF intelligence network in the 2006 war.  That’s why I find it almost inexplicable that its fighters wouldn’t have at least considered the craft might be a Trojan Horse.  It’s possible that Hezbollah did consider the idea and searched for an explosive charge & didn’t find one.  In that case, the IDF must’ve very cleverly concealed it.
At any rate, as soldiers, even brilliant ones, often do, Hezbollah made a fatal error which the IDF exploited.  And before Israel’s supporters jump for joy at another Israeli victory in the unending war on terror, remember that in 1999, a Hezbollah cell phone was brought to the vaunted IDF Unit 8200 headquarters for examination.  The soldiers preparing to view it joked “If it explodes, we’ll know.”  It did indeed explode seriously wounding the two senior Israeli intelligence officers.  Not to mention the major amount of egg it splattered on the face of Israel’s renowned intelligence agency.
The moral being, in this dirty game called asymmetrical warfare, you and your enemy circle each other warily seeking to exploit any weakness.  And you will make mistakes ... 
But let’s not lose sight of the fact that though many Israelis and the pro-Israel right are crowing about this “victory” against terror, that sabotage and black ops aren’t even successful tactics, let alone strategy in dealing with Israel’s issues with Syria or Lebanon.  So what if Israel blew up 100 rockets?  Hezbollah will only replace them.  And then some.  It already has many thousands more missiles than it had before the 2006 war.  And it certainly has many arms caches hidden in southern Lebanon.... ....  these acts of terror or sabotage don’t degrade anything in the long or even medium-term.  Hezbollah just regroups and comes out stronger than before...."


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I believe this is propaganda, not something that happened.

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My take on this:

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Of course it is 'b'
but hey if that makes them izzies let down their guard, let them rejoice!