Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Cracks' showing in the League

Basically what this is telling the undertakers-wannabes of Assad's Syria is 'vote or no vote, adoption or no adoption crippling or not, try implementing these sanctions!'
"...But as the meeting chaired by Qatar got underway, cracks appeared over the feasibility of the measures with some countries warning against hasty decisions and Syria's neighbors expressing reservations, diplomats said.
Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, have close economic ties with Damascus,... Algeria and Oman have questioned the "feasibility" of sanctions on Syria.Algeria and Oman have cautioned against hasty decisions because they consider that "the negative impact of the sanctions will be catastrophic for the people before affecting the regime," one diplomat said...Among those who appear opposed are Syria's immediate neighbors Lebanon and Iraq, which has already said "it is not possible... to impose economic sanctions on Syria."..."

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