Monday, October 31, 2011

WINEP/AIPAC: 'The US & its allies should begin discussing aggressing Syria publicly now!'

"...Intervention is inherently risky. In the Syrian case, potential risks include casualties to intervening forces and the Syrian population; possible escalation into civil war or conflict with neighboring states; and the prospect that intervening nations will become wholly responsible for the course of the conflict and its outcome.... inevitably, concerns will arise regarding precisely how, why, and under what conditions to support unarmed or armed opposition elements. Yet waiting for complete clarity before deciding to intervene can lead to paralysis.... the United States and its allies should begin discussing the issue publicly now -- a vigorous debate would itself serve as an important signal to the regime ..."

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Bewildered Founding Senior Member of the FLC said...

Zionists in the US will continue to milk the US until the destruction of the latter. One has to wonder why the question of loyalty to the US is never discussed? With groups like WINEP and AIPAC the US is doomed abroad as well domestically.