Monday, October 31, 2011

"We do not conceal our thoughts!"

"... In doing so, he only revived concerns that Israel was indeed preparing for the very attack he denied:
Regarding the question as to why there was no public debate on a matter so fateful to Israel, Barak said, “the Iranian nuclear program has been publicly debated for years in Israel. There are countless interviews and public debates. We do not conceal our thoughts. However, there are operational matters that we do not discuss publicly, as that would make them impossible to carry out.”
This isn’t even barely conceded code for the fact that he, and Israel are indeed preparing for a strike against Iran.
As if he didn’t need to add to the confusion, he made the following two completely contradictory statements:
Barak reiterated that Iran poses a threat to stability in the Middle East and the world.
Followed by this:
Barak said that the Israeli public should not be concerned about the Iranian threat.“I refuse to be intimidated, as if Iran could destroy Israel, ” Barak said. “Israel is the most powerful country, from Tripoli to Tehran. There is no reason to be afraid of anything.”
On second thought, I just realized that the second comment above might even be further confirmation of Israel’s intent to bomb Iran.  The only thing that holds back many Israelis from endorsing such a blow is fear of Iranian retaliation.  If Barak is in effect telling Israelis that even with an assault by Israel, that Iran could not mount a powerful counter-blow, then he’d be arguing once again for the very thing he denies advocating.
My conclusion is that he’s a bald-faced, and not very convincing liar."

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