Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lavrov to the West: Enough with the "We-need-to-drive-Assad-into-a-corner-&-then-we'll-see” bull!

"... Russia cannot support the project on Syria being pushed through by the West, Foreign Minister Lavrov stated in New York ahead of his address to the UN General Assembly.
Sergey Lavrov said he believed that placing sanctions on Syria are “not a very reliable strategy”.
“We ask what the next strategy is, how have you calculated your next steps? The answer we get is that we haven't thought about it yet, but President Assad needs to go, we need to drive him into a corner with sanctions – he should go first, and then we'll see,” Lavrov said in an interview with “Russia 24” channel. “It's a very simple but – I believe – not very reliable strategy, if it can be called a strategy at all,” he concluded..."

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