Saturday, August 20, 2011

WINEP/AIPAC to Obama: 'This is how you oust Assad!'

Seriously, after reading Schenker's 'recommendations' & weighing their effectiveness, one gets the feeling that Dabid Schenker secretly hearts Bashar Assad & wishes his regime well!
"... short of dropping bombs on Damascus, to hasten Assad’s fall... there’s no need to wait before implementing:
If the United States were to be joined in its energy sanctions by the EU...there is no guarantee that these measures—even in place for years—would be successful in bankrupting and dislodging the regime...Energy sanctions, in other words, are perhaps the best arrow in the U.S. policy quiver, but, to mix metaphors, they are not a silver bullet...
In addition, when it comes to aiding the Syrian opposition, the Obama administration should elevate and routinize its contacts with key leaders in the movement, both at home and abroad. If asked, Washington should assist the opposition to better organize its ranks, as well as to develop a publicly articulated vision for Syria’s future that is tolerant, pluralist, and democratic. U.S. support for the opposition might also include the provision of modest funding for Thuraya satellite phones, which can help regime opponents on the ground in Syria to better communicate with each other and with the outside world. At the same time, to demonstrate the U.S. commitment to Syria’s future, President Obama himself should consider an Oval Office meeting (and photo op) with respected Syrian opposition figures.
Towards the Syrian regime, meanwhile, the administration should establish a declaratory policy targeting the Syrian military in order to encourage more desertions. The message from Obama should be that Syrian military officers will be held accountable for war crimes committed against the Syrian people.
Within the United Nations, the administration should move forward on a broad range of initiatives, including pressing the U.N. Security Council to level sanctions against Syria for the regime’s ongoing violation of its commitments to the International Atomic Energy Agency. While China and Russia may be loathe to sanction the Assad regime for its human rights violations (Russia this week announced it would continue to sell weapons to Syria), they might prove more amenable to abstaining from—rather than vetoing—a resolution hitting Damascus for its efforts develop nuclear weapons.
The administration’s best potential source of leverage against the Assad regime, however, resides in the Middle East. The Gulf States—and Qatar, in particular—have been an important source of foreign direct investment in Syria in recent years. Washington should work with its Gulf allies to ensure that that spigot is turned off. (Since April, Qatar, promisingly, has been featuring the Syrian opposition and its officials on the air on Al Jazeera).
Most important, in this regard, is swaying Syria’s immediate neighbors, all of which have complicated relationships with the Assad regime...If Turkey joins the growing coalition of states that have written off the Assad regime—and also levies sanctions—it would undermine support for the regime among the country’s Sunni business elite, a critical pillar of regime stability. Regrettably, relations between Washington and Turkey are not what they once were. But that doesn’t mean that Obama shouldn’t make every effort to bring Ankara in line with the growing international consensus on the Assad regime..."


Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

Yeah have Obama and the Syrian Opposition hold a photo op in the White House!

Surely the sight of the Syrian opposition conspiring with US Generals in DC will inspire the Syrian people. It will inspire the entire Arab Street !

Head Shaking Founding Senior Member of the FLC said...

The desperation in Schnenker MI is fascinating. It is an established fact that he and his ilk take their wishes for hard facts. Now, they have evolved to policy for the US! tsk! tsk! tsk! but even with occupied Capitol Hill anything is possible to the greater misery of the US!

Anonymous said...

Another crap item put out in the "AngryArab" news service

This trends faults those who refuse to speak out against the Syrian regime for fear of sounding like the rhetoric of the Arab counter-revolution which is mangaged by GCC and is opposed to the Syrian regime. I count myself as part of the 3rd trend: a trend that opposes the Syrian regime and calls for its overthrow but also agrees that there is indeed a plot by the Arab counter-revolution in Syria.

Sounds like J Street nonsense to me