Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The International Criminal Court investigates Libya's 'Viagra rapes'

Who said that these 'great' organizations were politically motivated? God forbid. Never!
"... Unlike Iraq, the misinformation in Libya has sometimes taken on the feel of a comic opera.
When the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi began, he blamed Al Qaeda and youths “fueled by milk and NescafĂ© spiked with hallucinogenic drugs.” When that did not get enough traction, he said of the rebels: “They feel trigger happy, and they shoot especially when they are stoned on drugs.”
His maladroit spokesmen at one point showed journalists what they said were 36 million doses of confiscated hallucinogens — which proved to be Tramadol, a common painkiller.
Still, the rebels have offered their own far-fetched claims, like mass rapes by loyalist troops issued tablets of Viagra. Although the rebels have not offered credible proof, that claim is nonetheless the basis of an investigation by the International Criminal Court.
And there is the mantra, with racist overtones, that the Qaddafi government is using African mercenaries, which rebels repeat as fact over and over. There have been no confirmed cases of that; supposedly there are many African prisoners of war being held in Benghazi, but conveniently journalists are not allowed to see them. There are, however, African guest workers, poorly paid migrant labor, many of whom, unarmed, have been labeled mercenaries.
Both sides, of course, pronounce victory as a certainty..."

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