Monday, August 29, 2011

'If you're not going to bomb Iran, at least, bomb the region's "most formidable army"!' (a few months ago it was a 'rag tag' army!)

The WaPo & Fred Hyatt are all for it! Notice that in every single mention of the Syrian army, the WaPo used to call it as 'archaic, ...poorly equipped, ...' Suddenly, it became one of the region's "formidable military machines"!

"... Protesters in recent days have carried banners calling for a no-fly zone over Syria akin to the one that facilitated the Libyan revolt. “We want any [intervention]” said one banner held by protesters in the beleaguered town of Homs.
Activists who have recently visited Homs say protesters there also have begun carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles to defend against government attacks. Videos have appeared on Facebook pages teaching activists how to make molotov cocktails.
Yet although President Obama called this month for Assad to step down, world powers, including the United States, have shown little appetite for any form of entanglement in Syria.
Unlike the Libyan rebels, who through force of arms swiftly seized control of the eastern portion of their country and were rewarded with a NATO-enforced no-fly zone, the Syrian protesters control no territory for a foreign military force to protect. There is also no clearly identifiable group that can claim to represent the leaderless, disorganized and divided opposition...
A major push over the weekend to stage mass rallies in central Damascus foundered in the face of an overwhelming security presence, further dampening the mood. At least five people were killed when security forces opened fire on demonstrators attempting to gather.
It is not only the tank assaults and bombardments that are grinding down the spirit of the opposition. The security forces have grown more adept at preventing demonstrations from the outset, surrounding mosques at prayer times to stop protesters from gathering...But there is also widespread recognition that attempting to counter one of the region’s most formidable military machines with force would be futile. Kalashnikovs are readily available on the black market in a region awash with guns, and many Syrians keep one in their homes. But acquiring the kind of heavy weaponry that would be needed..."

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Nauseous Senior Founding Member of the FLC said...

Maariv, the JP, are more informed than the WP. Wishful thinking based on erroneous facts has become the trademark of WP, NYT,WSJ, Time, CNN (see the fiasco of the bogus interview with one of the 'accused' by the STL!