Monday, August 1, 2011

FLC & Al Akhbar: With privilege comes responsability!

The FLC family & most of its friends, were among the earliest and truest Al Akhbar supporters. In more ways than one. This is why, when we perceive a sort of 'mission creep' at al akhbar, where writers and editors voice opinions (be they on the newspaper's pages or on facebook) that are clearly uncharacteristic of the newspaper's 'identity', we accuse!
For some writers and editors to voice their opinion on Syria's tremors is one thing, but for some to call foreign military intervention in an Arab country "understandable" is ... criminally subversive!
We do consider ourselves priviliged for having supported the Al Akhbar project since its inception, and as such we have a responsability to call a spade ...
This schmuck in question should not only be reprimended, he should be told off, and all those who 'recommended' such elements to the Al Akhbar nomenklatura should feel ashamed!


Sad Senior Founding Member of the FLC said...

Al Akhbar seems to be on the payroll of Qatar. I have stopped reading it as well as watching al Jazeera. Whether it is stupidity or corruption, the result is the same. They have joined Azmi Bshara and the cohort of leftists (present and former) who have become apologists of the ultra liberal right. It seems being a marxist gives one the right to move 180 degrees to the opposite side. Their moral compass is quite flawed. It is really sad!

Sophia said...

SSFM of the FLC,

Couldn't agree more. I was shocked by the title of one of their articles on Syria today (hama, a river of blood, or something like this). It was pure sensationnalism. We don't need sensationnalism from our newspapers, we need obejctivity. And we shouldn't be intimidated by the NeoCons' 'humanitarian' discourse to the point of loosing our objectivity.