Saturday, August 27, 2011

Davutoglu: "Enter Tripoli as how the Prophet Mohamed enteted Mecca ...!"

Surely Davutoglu, employed by the pious Erdogan knows that the 'rebels' are not alone in the siege & final push into Tripoli. Surely he must know that comparing British Special forces and the French air force to the followers of the Prophet Mohamad is lethally offensive ... Surely he knows.

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Anonymous said...

no he doesn't!!!his hubris knows no limit.Turkey of today reminds me of the Bush junior era with its over confidence ,neocons and brutality...and an official economy in disarray ,and a subterrenean one,mafia style like the US one that is simply becoming too greedy.I lived in the Balkans and know something about their money laundering.Turkey is a big bubble and it will burst!