Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Al Akhbar: "It is perhaps time to protect Syria & Yemen from Feltman's rats!"

Images of jubilant Libyan revolutionaries are the last we will see of a genuine revolt. What happens next will be more vulgar and less discreet than what goes on in Egypt and Tunisia to coerce the revolutions there.

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Anonymous said...

El-Amin should have thought of this months ago instead of pushing syrians to revolt under the odious argument of "arab spring".That he,of all persons,has fallen into this vulgar trap without even thinking of the strategic consequences for the region(Lybia and Syria had NO uprising as testified by the lybians new-old flags that appeared suddenly while the viper Azmi was pontificating and pushing the innocents to a certain death and the sequence of events starting from Dera'a.His newspaper was instrumental and on par with Al-jazeera in these criminal acts,relying on reuters for God sake and Ward Kasuha for a fair and balanced reporting from Syria!!!He thought that the nihilism of angry arab and the pseudo leftism of his colleagues would mean a fair and balanced reporting.And now they are all crying for the departure of the great humanist Saguieh who in the period of 2005-2008 managed to defend Jumblatt while picking mercilessly on all the others!!