Friday, July 22, 2011

The WaPo: 'Time to bomb Iran!'

Fred Hiatt & co. are peddling the Iraq-WMD-alQaeda line ...9 years later! The problem is that it does not take a lot to reconvert the American People.
"... Iran’s ability to sustain its nuclear program and its meddling in Iraq reflect the fact that these initiatives are controlled by the Revolutionary Guard, which has not been affected by the political feuding in Tehran and has first claim on the oil revenue that Iran continues to reap. Economic and political hardship also has had no apparent impact on Mr. Khamenei, who has maintained the regime’s refusal even to negotiate with the U.N. Security Council, much less obey its resolutions.
The bottom line is that the threat from Iran is not diminishing but growing. Where is the policy to reverse that alarming trend?."

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