Friday, July 29, 2011

Again. Who are Libya's rebels? And, BTW, who are Syria's opposition illuminatis?

"For NATO allies struggling to understand who exactly they are backing, the death of Gen. Abdel Fatah Younes is likely raise more questions about who the rebels are and how they would conduct themselves if Gadhafi lost control of the capital... Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the leader of the Transitional National Council that serves as the rebel government, told reporters that Gadhafi loyalists had killed Younes... But the chain of events was confusing. Hours earlier, the TNC had ordered Younes, 67, to return from Brega for questioning in what Jalil called a military matter, and rumors swirled throughout the day that he was being accused of conducting secret talks with the Gadhafi government..."
And Reuters,
"...Some rebels were never comfortable with an army leader who had until recently been so close to Gaddafi, and Younes had been involved in a dispute over the leadership of the rebel forces.
Jalil said Younes was shot before appearing in front of the judicial committee and the head of the armed cell that killed him had been arrested.
It was not clear where Younes and his bodyguards had been killed or how Jalil had learned of their deaths, but Jalil said all efforts were being made to find their bodies.
Shortly afterwards, gunmen burst into the grounds of the hotel where Jalil was speaking and fired bursts of shots in the air, a Reuters reporter said...."

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Anonymous said...

The TNC is made of Qadhafi artifacts, in power for decades. Now they're opposition? I just can't feel any respect whatsoever for people who ask for NATO help to fight their battle. If they win, they will pay for it for decades to come, just like Kuwait. At the beginning I didn't think I'd say this but I'm cheering for Qadhafi as long as he can mobilize a million people in Tripoli to rally for him, which western media completely hid from their consumers.