Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Al Jazeera & al actually helping the Syrian regime!

AngryArab, certified enemy of all Arab regimes, says this on the media coverage of Syria: "...I really believe that Aljazeera's over-the-top propaganda helped the Syrian regime because it was so devoid of balance and even facts.  The supply of Islamists Syrian dissidents that has been paraded on Aljazeera screen may have alarmed secular Syrians (not that the so-called secularism of the regime is to my liking as I don't consider any Arab regime to be appropriately secular--they all use religion, and US is not secular by my standard of the neutrality of the state on matters of religious preference.).   The BBC the other day featured a Syrian officer who a week ago was lionized in Time magazine when he said that he defected with some 30 of his soldiers.  That was featured on Aljazeera and every other network.  BBC yesterday revisited the guy and admitted that he lied and that he defected on his own.  Yet, the report praised his lies and said that this his lies were responsible for delaying the advances of Syrian troops in Jisr Ash-Shughur.  So lies on behalf of Western agenda (and the Muslim Brotherhood agenda is part of the Western political agenda--certainly in Syria) are now warmly welcome. The more the better."

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