Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"You still have time for a rapport - a reform process.  Let's get that underway..."

CNN- Wolf Blitzer (aka the handler of the 'Situation Room' of flakiness)
WOLF BLITZER, HOST:  How much time does Assad have?
LIAM FOX, BRITISH DEFENSE SECRETARY:  I hope that he will act quickly.  I hope that...
BLITZER:  How quickly?
FOX:  I hope that the message has got across that - that we absolutely deplore what is happening there and if the message is getting through to those in Syria, in the regime, their behavior is utterly unacceptable. They still have a chance to take a reform process that can save the lives of countless civilians.
BLITZER:  What are we talking, weeks? Are we talking months? How much time do you think he has?
FOX:  Well, we want it to happen as soon as possible and to put a time line on it may only give comfort to the regime change.  We want to see that reform happen and happen as quickly as possible.
BLITZER:  But you're not yet ready to say to him what you said to Mubarak, what you said to Gadhafi, you must go, step down? You're not ready to say that yet?
FOX:  Well, of course, that - that process took a period of time.  And let us say very clearly to the Syrian president right now, tonight, what you're doing is completely unacceptable.  Killing your own people is a crime.  You need to understand that the international community is appalled by this.  You still have time for a rapport - a reform process.  Let's get that underway.

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