Thursday, April 28, 2011

'Lebanese ambassador sued for abusing Filipino maid'

(This story was removed from NOWLebanon's site. AngryArab got us the cashed link)
"Lebanese ambassador to the US Antoine Chedid is being sued by his family’s former Filipino maid on claims he failed to pay minimum wage and verbally abused and mistreated her. (See the lawsuit here)
Araceli D. Montuya, reportedly the mother of 10 children, says she was made to work for $3 per hour as a full-time housekeeper and nanny for approximately 16 hours per day, six days a week, for a period of 26 months from August 2007 through September 2009. At a status hearing on April 19, Chedid’s lawyer denied the allegations and argued the ambassador and his family are entitled to diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention.
Ok Lebanon, we really need to get a grip on ourselves and ditch this repeated association with the essential enslavement of foreign domestic workers. C’mon now."

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic Moron...he must be a March14th stooge still in place in the Empire of Hubris waiting to collapse any moment....Tfeh.