Friday, April 29, 2011

European Diplomats: "Muslim Brotherhood enlisting Salafists to do its 'dirty work' in Egypt"

"... Western diplomats have reported expanded cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called Salafist movement, funded by Gulf Arab sheiks,... "There is evidence that the Salafists and Brotherhood are working together to take over the streets [of Egypt]," a diplomat said.
The diplomats said the Brotherhood was using the Salafists for attacks on other elements of the opposition that helped oust President Hosni Mubarak in February. They said the Brotherhood was exploiting its quiet cooperation with the military regime... "The Brotherhood wants to present an image of moderation and non-violence," the diplomat said. "When it needs dirty work done, it calls the Salafists."..
The diplomats said the Salafists have benefited since the military regime began more than two months ago. They said dozens of Salafist prisoners, including those convicted of security offenses, have been released with the promise that they would not attack government installations..."

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